Where is my iTab?

Where is my SpartanTab?

Find the answers to popular questions below. If not, then use the contact page to get in touch.

Add your email above if you selected the iTAB option when you booked your race.


If you did not select the iTAB option when you booked, it’s not too late, you can buy one now.

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Please email info@mysportingtimes.com with the following details and we’ll send you a replacement:

  • Your name
  • Order number
  • Delivery address (including apartment or flat number)
  • Information on how to claim your SpartanTab is sent out by email and/or text message AFTER the event has taken place
  • If your event has already taken place it is likely the email is in your junk folder, please check for this information
  • If your event has already taken place please return to our homepage and add your email address (ensure you use the same email address used to register for your Spartan Race) in the box titled ‘Claim Your Pre-Paid SpartanTab.

If your order was completed more than 5 days ago, please email info@mysportingtimes.com with the following information and we’ll respond within 48 hours (Mon-Fri):

  • Name
  • And/Or
  • Order number (if you made a note of it)
  • For delivery to North America, delivery time is typically 3-5 working days from dispatch
  • For delivery to Europe, delivery time is typically 3-5 working days from dispatch
  • For delivery to the rest of the world, delivery time is typically 7-10 working days from dispatch

You should chose the medal which is the same as you received when you finished your Spartan Race.

Because Spartan Race offer such great finisher medals in a range of designs, we can provide iTaB’s that will compliment your specific medal. For example the ‘Round Medal iTaB‘ is self-adhesive and affixes to the recess in the reverse of the Round Spartan Finisher medal. The remaining Medal’s do not have this recess in the reverse so choosing either the ‘Wedge Medal’, ‘Stadium Series’ or ‘World Championship’ Medal option will get you a dog-tag style iTaB which affixes to any medal using the chain provided.